Cosmetic treatments by advanced electrolysis procedures are extremely effective and can offer permanent solutions for many minor skin disorders.

The rapid and visible beautifying effects of these procedures has made them popular treatments.

Permanent Removal of Thread Veins, Red Veins and Skin Tags, Warts, Moles,Spider Naevii and Blood Spots

Red Veins and Broken Capillaries

Red veins and broken capillaries are a common condition which causes localised redness in the cheeks, around the nose and on the legs.These unsightly marks can be simply and effectively removed with a small diathermy current applied gently to the affected area.

Spider Naevus

A Spider Naevus is a central blood spot with dilated capillaries radiating away from the centre often caused by skin damage or trauma to an area.

Blood Spots

Blood Spots develop naturally on the body as the skin ages and cell renewal slows down. Small vessels under the skin tear or rupture and allow blood under the skin and cause the spot. Both conditions are treated using advanced electrolysis in a similar manner to thread veins.

Skin Tags and Seborrhoeic Warts

Skin tags are small growths of skin that develop due to friction on areas such as the neck, chest, bra line, underarm, and groin. They are harmless but can be both unsightly and irritating. Other lesions which can be easily treated are small rough areas known as seborrhoeic warts - these tend to appear on the face and body as the skin ages.

All these conditions are quickly removed and treated using advanced electrolysis procedures, leaving flat smooth skin.

Milia - Whitehead Removal

Small raised white spots which commonly appear on the face, cheeks and forehead. They are very common tiny, benign, keratin-filled cysts. They can be quickly dispersed without damaging the tissues. They can often be removed as part of a milia extraction facial or by shortwave diathermy.

Moles and Cysts

These are removed with doctor's approval leaving little or no trace of where they were. Our safe and aesthetic removal will ensure the best results.

A free consultation is always available before treatment commences.

  • Consultation: Free

  • hour treatment: from 85 to £125
  • Medical conditions treated with advance electrolysis procedures:

    • Thread veins
    • Red veins
    • Broken capillaries
    • Spider naevi
    • Blood spots
    • Skin tags
    • Viral warts
    • Seborrhoeic warts
    • Milia

    These procedures provide a permanent, quick, effective and very successful form of treatment.

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